“No company can afford not to move forward. It may be at the top of the heap today but at the bottom of the heap tomorrow, if it doesn’t.”
– James Cash Penney, founder, JC Penney

The Business Relationship Master Class

Sitting by the phone aggressively waiting for it to ring is not a viable business development strategy.

You’re busy—we get that. And with everything your professional staff has on their plates, it can be difficult for them to carve out the necessary time for both business development and the nurturing of key business relationships. That’s why we developed “The Business Relationship Master Class.”

Our full-day workshop focuses on a self-perpetuating business development culture—one based on relationships, not selling—that will help your firm’s professionals better compete in your market space.

The Business Relationship Master Class workshop is structured to help your firm’s professional staff build extraordinary relationships by learning how to apply 20 relationship-building strategies for winning new business.

When successfully executed, these strategies will help your firm’s professional staff:

  • Build extraordinary relationships with C-suite executives and business owners
  • Expand the perception of each professional’s capabilities within the mind of their client’s, prospects and referral sources
  • Build relationships – even with “difficult” individuals who make them uncomfortable
  • Develop stronger personal relationships with customers, clients, prospects and business contacts
  • Secure more meetings with prospective clients
  • Move from casual conversations to closing business
  • Know what to do when the sales process is “stuck”
  • Develop both traditional and social media networks

The Business Development Training Workshop

Is business development a growing concern at your firm?

Think for a moment…when your organizational rainmakers retire, how many of your next generation of professional staff are equipped to act in ways that promote growth and prosperity? Do they have the expertise, interest and passion to generate enough new business to feed the business? Can your business survive if they don’t?

We understand just how challenging it can be to get that first meeting with a great prospect. And once you are successful in obtaining that meeting—what comes next? How do you keep building on the relationship to convert your lead into a client?

Your conversion rate will depend on the ability of your professional staff to successfully conduct the introductory meeting process, prepare an outstanding proposal, follow up on the proposal and close the deal.

The objective of our Business Development Training Workshop is to train CPA and business advisory professionals to successfully manage the entire lead conversion process by:

  • Preparing for and conducting introductory meetings with prospects
  • Building credibility at the introductory meeting by asking questions and active listening rather than giving a hard sales pitch
  • Determining the prospect’s most essential needs, then directly addressing them in the proposal
  • Securing the proposal opportunity
  • Closing the engagement through appropriate follow-up
As part of our training, we will provide instructional strategies and tactics, and share the best questions to ask prospects.
The key to the workshop’s success is the opportunity for your professionals to immediately put these best practices to work—attendees will pair off and practice what they learn through the role-playing exercises we provide.

Improve Your Lead Conversion Rates

When your CPAs and business advisors achieve a greater comfort level with the entire lead conversion process through role-playing what they learn in our workshop, they will be better prepared to:

  • Develop rapport with the prospect by understanding their needs
  • Determine who the chief decision-makers are, and their specific expectations
  • Appropriately follow up after a meeting or proposal
  • Understand when/if a prospect is ready to buy
  • Define the essential components to include in the proposal
Want to learn more about building a strong business development culture within your firm? Contact Jonathan Ebenstein at 440-772-0180.

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