About Wheel Craft

Wheel Craft applies proprietary, high-end wheel finishes specially designed for luxury-brand original equipment factory-installed wheels (BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, etc.). Its advanced protective properties provide unrivaled durability to protect wheels from brake dust burns, alloy wheel corrosion, car wash chemicals, seasonal street chemicals and salt. The protective coatings come in a variety of high-end finishes that allow consumers to further customize their cars.


The Challenge

Prior to its renaming, Wheel Craft was doing business under the acronym OEX, which stood for Original Equipment Exchange. It was a successful B2B company primarily targeting automotive dealerships. When it changed its sales strategy to include car enthusiast and consumer luxury car buyers—an audience with a strong attachment to brands that offer unique experiences and top-level performance—renaming and rebranding the company became necessary.

The Solution

We renamed OEX to embody and enhance the emotional impact of owning a luxury vehicle by aligning with the look, feel and perception of the luxury car market and luxury car drivers. Thorough internal and external examination of the company and luxury car market allowed us to capture the underlying value proposition required to inspire, persuade and ultimately motivate luxury car owners to upgrade their vehicles to include Wheel Craft’s wheels.

WheelCraft-Branding Success Story Collage

The Results

The Wheel Craft Name

Wheel Craft speaks to the artisan-like skill set required to match the beauty of its wheel finishes with the superior performance and protection it provides. While wheel coatings may not seem like an art per se, the company elevates its product and approach to an art-like level.


The shield unites practical and aspirational qualities – it emphasizes protection and durability while appealing to upscale lifestyles by conceptually symbolizing a family “crest.”

Identity Line

Advanced Wheel Finishes identifies to those unfamiliar with Wheel Craft what the company does.

Tag Line

Arrive in Style visually sets an expectation that the car owner’s experience will be elevated.

…Go for the ride – wherever it may take you.

…Say something – without saying a word

…Arrive – with a story to tell

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