About Ultrasonic LLC

UltraSonic LLC is a leading provider of ultrasonic cleaning machines for both commercial and consumer use. Ultrasonic cleaning is an efficient and effective choice for a variety of industries to get clean parts with less manual labor and at a lower cost than alternative parts washing solutions.


The Challenge

UltraSonic LLC wanted to grow beyond the automotive market, into the industrial market, and thereby expand new business opportunities.

The Solution

Utilizing a variety of keyword research tools, we uncovered a wide range of industrial cleaning terms to target in our SEO campaign. We then developed a blogging program that specifically targeted those same industrial cleaning terms from our keyword research to increase UltraSonic’s visibility in the new market spaces it sought.


The Results

After one year of program implementation we secured:

  • 13 keywords in top 3 (10 are new)
  • 36 keywords in top 10 (25 are new)
  • 323 new contacts via search
  • $500,000 from SEO in new revenue

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