About Roll-Kraft

Roll-Kraft is a worldwide supplier of custom roll tooling to the tube and pipe and roll forming industry.


The Challenge

Roll-Kraft serves a global audience, so it wanted its website to drive leads 24/7/365. The company’s leadership has a commitment to customer service and answering customer questions around the clock.

The Solution

Our initial solution involved creating an embedded contact form that could be added to every relevant page on the website along with bold call-to-action buttons to drive a customer to the form from any location on the page. This ease of access to a simple form to submit requests increased contact volume, but there were additional opportunities to engage customers looking for thought leadership in the tube and pipe and roll forming industries.

Our next step involved creating a three-piece e-book series that could be promoted throughout the site, social channels and email blasts. These e-books were high-quality pieces of content developed by the client, combined with high-end design from our design team. Each e-book was available to prospects who filled out a short form and qualifying question on the website. The e-book was then immediately delivered to their provided email address.


The Results

The easy-to-access contact form has proven very popular with Roll-Kraft’s target audience. The request form has averaged over 300 leads/year over the past several years. The addition of the e-books has also proven to be a valuable piece of content for prospects and customers with over 1,000 downloads of the e-book series since launch.

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