About Richter

Richter is a healthcare consulting company that specializes in working with long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) facilities (e.g., Long-Term Care and Skilled Nursing, Home Health, Hospice and Senior Living)


The Challenge

Richter was not communicating a consistent brand image. Its overall marketing and sales collateral that communicated the firm’s offerings was not consistent from a messaging and overall design standpoint. Richter was also unaware of how its employees and current clients viewed the company. 

The Solution

We conducted systematic brand research in order to understand how the current Richter brand is perceived both inside and outside the firm. To generate our findings, we surveyed both Richter employees and clients on the following areas:

  • Important criteria when selecting an LTPAC consulting firm
  • Richter’s top competitive advantages
  • Red flags when hiring a LTPAC consulting firm
  • Potential areas of improvement for Richter
  • Richter’s corporate “personality” and greatest area(s) of strength
  • Richter’s value proposition to clients
  • Why clients choose to do business with Richter

The Results

  • Name
    As we reviewed both internal and external feedback, it was clear that people inside and outside the firm refer to the firm simply as Richter—not Richter Healthcare Consultants (former name). Accordingly, by shortening Richter’s name to what many people already use eliminates the words Healthcare and Consultants, and opens up opportunities to leverage words in an identity line and tag line that convey distinct value.
  • Identity Line
    Richter currently serves primarily LTPAC organizations. Acknowledging that in the identity line demonstrates Richter’s LTPAC focus and expertise up front, which helps to distinguish it in the market.

    The word Advisors defines Richter’s role, and conveys positive notions of expertise, partnership and trust.

  • Tag Line
    For LTPAC organizations, the primary mission comes down to patient/resident outcomes. Everything they do is geared around optimizing outcomes and Richter is their partner in achieving and improving those outcomes. Enhancing Outcomes is a bottom-line benefit that speaks directly to the value Richter provides its clients on a daily basis.  

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