About Skoda Minotti

Skoda Minotti was a top-100 CPA, business and financial advisory firm that merged with Marcum LLP in December 2019. The firm was dedicated to helping its clients grow and achieve financial success. Its unique family of services included accounting, tax, financial, information technology, wealth management, risk, valuation and litigation, marketing, professional staffing and human resources. Skoda Minotti’s, award winning brand was predicated on Delivering on the Promise of being an integral contributor to its clients’ success.

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The Challenge

Founded in 1980, Skoda Minotti grew rapidly and by the early 1990’s, co-founded a public company (CBIZ) that in addition to traditional tax, audit and accounting services, brought together other essential business offerings for small to mid-sized businesses. In the early 2000’s, Skoda Minotti reentered the private sector with a core of talented professionals and further developed its niche service offerings to provide clients with complete business advisory solutions that included, financial services, professional staffing, risk advisory, strategic marketing and technology solutions. Skoda Minotti was on its way to becoming a top-100 firm and they needed a brand to support its growth.

The Solution

We performed a systematic approach to creating and then building Skoda Minotti's brand. It started with a comprehensive review of all its existing marketing touchpoints, from proposals and presentations to collateral materials and website. We then conducted live interviews with each Skoda Minotti employee from receptionist to managing partner in order to get a complete understanding of the firm’s internal perception. After completing the internal interviews, we began conducting external interviews with Skoda Minotti’s clients, business contacts and vendors, as well as local media and relevant industry associations. Next, we conducted a comprehensive competitor review, carefully checking to see how each positioned and differentiated themselves so as to be sure we did not mimic anyone else’s brand.

Skoda LogoThe Results

We developed a brand platform around the notion of delivering on the promise. This served as a daily reminder to clients, employees, business contacts and the community of what the firm was working towards every day – the dedication to achieving client’s immediate and future goals.

The Tag line
Delivering on the Promise

In 2012, Skoda Minotti was recognized by Accounting Today as having one of the best tag lines for establishing accounting firm brand identity.


The Logo

The Skoda Minotti icon is a ring made up of four elements. It is a symbolic representation of a promise used to serve as a reminder of the four core audiences Skoda Minotti's employees were to be delivering on the promise to—clients, employees, business contacts and the community. 

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