ASHTA is a leading manufacturer of potassium hydroxide (KOH), more commonly known as caustic potash. Working in an environment of innovation and collaboration, the company is committed to producing and delivering the safest and purest potassium and chlorine-based products in the world.


The Challenge

ASHTA’s website was extremely outdated – from a design and technical standpoint. Multiple levels of navigation hindered the overall user experience and the website was not built in a way that made it easy for users to contact the ASHTA team. The site was also built on an antiquated custom content management system which made it difficult for the ASHTA team to make edits to the site on its own.

The Solution

We designed and developed a new website for ASHTA that not only showcased its new brand but also made it easier for the user to navigate to essential resources such as product and safety information, sales rep contact information and ASHTA-related news items. Integrating custom forms into the new website also created another route for users to contact the ASHTA team.


The Results

Incorporating ASHTA’s new tagline of “Experience” into the website copy creates a story that communicates its value proposition across all of its key audiences. An impactful homepage banner video demonstrates the real-world application of ASHTA’s products, minimizing the negative connotation sometimes associated with chemical companies. Improved navigation allows customers and prospects to locate information quickly and easily, and the use of website forms allows ASHTA to utilize its website as a lead generation tool.

Experience ASHTA’s website for yourself by clicking here.

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